MICHA Ultra Speed Glue

MICHA Ultra Speed Glue

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Our MICHA Ultra Speed Glue is made in Germany, and has a soft supple feel when applied to the lash area. The Ultra Speed Glue has a beautiful result even after weeks of application, the results are a pleasant and comfortable feel while wearing, which does not increase the weight of the eyelashes and does not pull the eyelid down.

Adhesives maintains it’s longevity for 6-8 weeks.

Works in 0.5 seconds without formation of lumps so “crawling of the eyelash “ does not occur.

Bonus Info

  • 0.5 Dry Time
  • Low Odour – Low Vapour
  • Extremely Fast
  • Smaller Bottle – No Waste
  • Can be used for Mega and Volume
  • 3 Months Expiry
  • Keep refrigerated after opening
  • 5g