MICHA Lift PRO System

MICHA Lift PRO System

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MICHA PRO Lash Lift System Includes: MICHA Lift PRO Adhesive, MICHA Lift PRO Fast Setting Curling Lotion, MICHA Lift PRO Fixing Lotion, MICHA Lift PRO Keratin & Collagen Laminator. 

MICHA Lift PRO is the fastest available technique used to give lifted-looking lashes without the need for extensions. A special relaxing agent is used to soften natural lashes, and a curling solution is then applied to fix the lashes into their new curly shape.

Your clients achieve thicker-looking, curlier lashes that last 6 - 8 weeks! The treatment may be combined with eyelash tint, to achieve a mascara-like effect (darkening, thickening). 

The procedure takes about 11 minutes to complete including tinting.

Lash lifting is an easy and non-invasive way to instantly brighten and open up the eye area!

It’s one of the fastest growing treatments in the industry due to its ease and relative lack of aftercare.

                                         HOW DOES IT WORK?

About 95% of hair is a single protein, keratin, which has a long, helical shape. In standard “cold” tinting, hair is put into curlers and the reducing agent ammonium thioglycolate is added. The disulfide bonds break and keratin molecules are now free to move around and adjust to the shape of the curl.

WHAT IS KERATIN? Keratin is the type of protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. Keratin can also be found in your internal organs and glands. Keratin can be derived from the feathers, horns, and wool of different animals and used as an ingredient in hair cosmetics.